Featured Work

A selection of Rowan's previous film and theatre work, and a look at what's to come.


Life in Death

The year is 1964 and Wallace Jones sits on death row. He's only got an hour left before he is hanged for murder, but he's not repenting, he's not praying... he's juggling.  

Playing at the 2018 Camden Fringe. 





Serotonin is a play set in the smoking area of a psychiatric hospital. It premiered at the Camden Fringe 2017.

"Under Rowan Jacobs’ sharp direction, the cast of Serotonin are heartbreakingly real" ★★★★☆ Miro Magazine

"This production is a signpost for a collection of bright new lights on the theatrical landscape" ★★★★☆ London Theatre


Resorting to the Coast

This documentary, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, follows a small theatre company as they research the Essex coastline, with a view to reviving its lost culture.  


The Silver Kings

A feature film written and directed by Rowan, The Silver Kings follows three young friends as they spend their last summer together. It discusses themes of self, drugs, and violence.


But They Can't Break Stones

A documentary showing female activists trying to break barriers in Nepal's patriarchal society. Rowan acted as co-cinematographer.

Premiered at the 2015 London Feminist Film Festival

As featured in VICE