Life in Death

The year is 1964 and Wallace Jones sits on death row. He's only got an hour left before he is hanged for murder, but he's not repenting, he's not praying... he's juggling.  There's an inmate talent show later on. He’s hoping to swing by on his way to the gallows.



Writer/Director: Rowan Jacobs

Producer: Jennifer Nibbs, Adam Robinson, Rowan Jacobs

Lighting: Esteban Gimpelewicz

Marketing: Crystal Chia

Production Design: Jennifer Nibbs

Behind the Scenes


Suddenly Wallace's estranged wife Mary turns up. She has some news – she’s pregnant with his child.

While Wallace sits eating his final meal, the pair take a tense look back at their time together - all with one eye on the clock. As more unexpected revelations cause rifts in their relationship, the situation forces both to explore their conscience and, as they admit uncomfortable truths, the lines between right and wrong will become blurred beyond repair.

A piece of new writing from director Rowan Jacobs (who sold out shows at last year’s Camden Fringe with Serotonin), Life in Death questions how much fate can be controlled – and asks how much control we really want.

Interviews and Reviews

“A unique and compelling plot” ★★★★☆ North West End

“There’s no place for anything other than complete surrender to it”


Wallace: Teddy Robson

Mary: Alice Simpson



Teddy Robson is a graduate from three prestigious acting schools - Drama Centre, University of Essex, and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He is also a member of the National Youth Theatre. His work includes:

Zigger Zagger - Zigger Zagger - National Youth Theatre

Serotonin - Alfie - Peaky Grinders

Hedda Gabler – Lovborg – Lakeside Theatre

The Importance of Being Earnest – Gwendolyn – Lakeside Theatre

Lemon Sucker – Director – Southwark Playhouse



Alice studied acting at St. Mary's University, and has since starred in many productions in film and theatre. These include:

Country Music - Lynsie - Soho Theatre

Isabella - Robyn - Counter Productions

The Contract - Penelope - Tyler Pierreson

Port - Lucy - St. Mary's Theatre